We are not bound to use one particular company and are actively seeking new technology for the best available products and systems. Mostly we are associated with dulux as the premium products on offer supply a lasting and quality finish they are perhaps a little more expensive but you get what you pay for in this market and we use only the best, this comes with the full back up of Dulux who are more than happy to provide warranties on their products as we are with our workmanship. We are NOT a business that uses cheap products or cheap labour! If you want cheap go somewhere else!

Water Based Enamels, which are premium acrylic products suitable for use on interior and exterior doors, window frames and trim that meet the GBCA target for Doors, Windows and Trim, low voc interior wall and ceiling finish are the some of the new greener products available that we use.

We are happy to provide specifications for each project and data sheets so the consumer can see what systems we are using and why and to keep as future reference in regard to warranty and products and colours.



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