What We Offer

Although we are happy to accommodate our customers in their choice of paints we are bullish about promoting low / No Voc paints. Our painting service simply provides quality work with premium products. We cater to commercial businesses, schools, childcare centres and residential homes.

Our aim is to use LOW VOC paints where possible. Dulux have a range of low voc systems to suit most situations and are continually developing new greener products

It means you can breathe easy knowing that you’re looking after the air quality in your home, school or business offices. You experience minimum disruption to your environment as you’re able to occupy buildings, facilities and homes during repainting, and receive all the warranty and quality that the Dulux brand offers.

The best part is you can get a beautifully painted interior by a professional accredited green painter without having to live with toxic paint fumes after the project is complete.

We are also confident at promoting the tried and tested products that Dulux offers with their exterior paints. Developed for Australia by an Australian company, to protect and enhance your assets the Dulux range of Weathershield and Acra-Tex systems are premium quality.

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